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Exploration, medication and monitoring of your patients through wearables

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Closar AI mobile and web application.
Our mission

Extending life through precision healthcare via wearables

Free Access

Simple. Seamless. Secure.

Access your patient's wearable data during appointments


Patient downloads the mobile app

We are making the patient's wearables data easily shareable with healthcare professionals by securely accessing it through their phone via the Closar AI mobile app.

Closar AI mobile app biomarker approval

Generate QR code in our webapp

The unique QR-code guarantees that your patient's data will only be securely and safely accessible by you without the need of registration or login during 30 minutes.

Closar AI mobile app generate report

Use health data

Your patient scans QR code and approves access to their wearables data on your computer. Explore trends up to 2 years and zoom-in on events during the appointment.

Closar AI mobile app share report
Doctors View

Overview, Events & Insights

Doctors get a holistic view of your health and well-being during your everyday life and see events, self-reported symptoms, patterns and trends.

They are able to zoom-in on a monthly, weekly and hourly level of detail in order to get a better and more detailed understanding of your symptoms.

Closar AI web application showing biomarkers

Share Report

Share the report with your doctor during a medical consultation by scanning the QR code on his computer and confirming access in the mobile app.

Free Platform

Holistic View of All Your Patients

You get a holistic view of your patient's health and well-being during their everyday life from biomarkers related to heart, activity, sleep, metabolic, respiration, stress, pains and their self-reported symptoms.

You can identify patterns, trends and zoom-in on specific events.

Closar AI is device agnostic, letting you get access to data from any wearable type of brand. We also convey data from various medical devices (eg. GCM) and enable patients to self-report their symptoms.

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Closar AI web application sleep pattern
Premium Platform

Bridge the gap between your patients' everyday lives and their appointments

Build and prescribe a preventive health plan with your patient that is part of the medication and follow it between and during appointments

Unlimited Data Access

You keep the access to your patient's wearables data as long as they allow you to. Patient is control how, who and when their data is being accessed.

Closar AI mobile app doctors access

Historical Data

We have access to all historical wearables data from the minute patient starts using our app providing a rich historical view of their health.

Closar AI time frame

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

You can seamlessly access your patient's health report with their wearables data before, during and after the appointment. The report is updated with their data every day.

Closar AI remote patient monitoring RPM

Prevention Plan

Define a prevention plan and set targets for each biomarker. Follow the progress of your patients and early-detect hidden symptoms.

Closar AI set personalised targets proactive healthcare plan

Medical Guidelines

You will access recommendations from Closar AI based on medical guidelines selected by our scientific committee.

Closar AI placeholder coming soon

Precision Healthcare

Get scientifically proved AI-recommendations based on your patients patterns and use those as part of your diagnosis and medication.

Closar AI placeholder coming soon


From 99 € per user / month

(for premium features)

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Patient and doctor.
About Us

Enabling professionals to leverage

billions of valuable wearable's data points for precision healthcare

Closar AI provides an unique offer for care professionals utilising wearables health data

Why now?

By 2027, 80%+ of adults will own at least 1 wearable. Approx. 90%+ of patients are currently willing to share their wearables health data. Digital health is booming with 80%+ doctors' adoption for patient monitoring and telemedicine.

World's only free platform

We are the world's only free platform for accessing wearables' data (for 30min no authorization req.). Professionals need to become licensed customers to get access to premium features with their patients.

Contributing to UN Sustainable Goal #3

Longevity should not be a question of gender, age, color, religion or financial status. Closar AI provides a free platform usable by every patient.

Data Privacy

Surge in health data should not mean less privacy, security and control. Closar AI makes it certain that the patient is in full ownership and control of their data and access to it. We data is handled and stored following all safety and privacy standards.

Medical Device Regulation

Proactive healthcare should complement our current treatment-focused health systems. Closar AI has engaged the process of becoming Class IIa CE-marked software.

*Some features will only be available after CE-marking.

Team & Medical Board

Our team is experienced in healthcare, medical research, software development, machine learning and AI and are supported by a medical board.

The future of healthcare: personalized, human-centered and AI-augmented

Frequently Asked Questions

Get a better understanding of Closar AI through the answers to the most common questions

What is Closar AI?
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Closar AI enables care professionals o utilize patients' wearables data for exploration, medication, and remote monitoring. Supporting more than 35 biomarkers, Closar AI offers a holistic view of the patients.

The device-agnostic approach covers all wearables commonly used, including some medical devices, such as GCM. With CE-marking, Closar AI will be featured with AI-powered recommendations for health care professionals.

How does Closar AI work?
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Through our mobile application, patients can easily share data from their wearables during a doctor's visit by scanning a QR code. The doctors get access to a standardized report on their computer within a few seconds (without having to log in) and can see the patient's wearable data, see evidence-based symptoms, self-reported symptoms and gain a better understanding of the patient's care and health.

Who can use Closar AI?
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Closar AI is for anyone who wants to be able to share data from their wearables with their doctor and thus discover hidden symptoms and trends in their health, be able to self-report symptoms and link these to specific times together with other biomarkers, be able to build a preventive health care plan with your doctor and have peace of mind.

Which wearables does Closar AI support?
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We support the majority of the most common wearables from popular manufacturers such as Apple, Google, Fitbit, Samsung, Withings, Garmin, Oura and more. We also support several other smart devices, such as smart scales and connected dosing boxes, as well as several medical devices, such as continuous glucose monitoring.

We're integrating more brands and devices every week.

Is it safe to use Closar AI?
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Yes. Research shows that the use of wearables enables the discovery of health trends, hidden symptoms and creates a better understanding of the patient's everyday life and routines. Our platform is developed with the highest measures regarding user data and data privacy. We store only the minimum necessary data and do so on secure certified servers in Europe.

Closar AI does not offer medical recommendations but allows to get medical recommendations from your doctor by utilising your wearables data. Always consult a doctor before making any decisions regarding your health.

What does it cost?
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Our mobile application is free for patients who want to use the standard functionality, such as being able to share their wearables' data with their doctor. The mobile application also contains premium functionality that is unlocked through a subscription.

The web application is free to use for standard functionality, such as accessing the patient's shared data. Clinics and hospitals that want to use the premium functionality can license our service. Contact us for more info.

Doctor and patient
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