Personalized healthcare through wearables

Share data from your wearables with your doctor.

Gain new insights, discover hidden symptoms & create a preventative health care program.

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Shareable wearable data

Better prevention than treatment

Start the discussion about preventive health with your doctor


Part of Your Doctor's Appointment

Your doctor can see the data from your wearables on his computer and use it to support the medical interview, diagnosis & assessment - within seconds


Personalized Care

Your doctor can give you recommendations about your health and define goals to follow between your visits based on your personal conditions, routines and everyday life


Early Detection of Symptoms

Data from your wearables can help the doctor detect hidden or hard-to-detect symptoms and trends, such as irregular heartbeat or breathing pauses during the night.

Innovative solution

The only "ready to go" solution for preventive health for all ages & devices

Seamless Sharing of Data

The doctor can see your data in just a few seconds on his own computer without having to login or creating an account.

You simply scan a QR-code on his computer screen and confirm access through our mobile application.

Your doctor can only see your data during the time of your appointment.

Device Agnostic

Our mobile application automatically collects your data (both historical and current) from a majority of manufacturers of wearables.

We also collect data from medical equipment (such as continuous glucose meters (GCM) or smart dose bags) as well as your self-reported symptoms in the application.

Holistic View

Your doctor can seamlessly access your data from your wearable devices, (historical as well as current), from the first time you use the app.

Examples of the most common symptoms and trends available relate to heart, sleep, activity, medication and self-reported symptoms.

Free to Use

Our mobile application is free to use for sharing data from your wearables with your doctor and self-reporting of symptoms in the app.

Take care of your future health - today.

By sharing the wearable's data with your doctor you can personalize your care, detect hidden symptoms and create a preventive health care program.

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How it works

From download to sharing your wearables data in a few easy steps


Generate Report

Your health report is generated and ready to be shared by one simple click


Share Report

You share the report with your doctor by scanning the QR code displayed on their computer while visiting our site -


Holistic View

Within a few seconds, your doctor can see the data from your wearables on his computer and use it as a basis and support for the medical interview, his assessment and a possible diagnosis.

The data from your wearables can help the doctor to detect and take into account hidden or hard-to-detect symptoms .

The doctor can also give you personal recommendations and define goals for you to follow between your appointments.

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The simplest path to personalized medicine through wearables.

Personalized care, diagnosis & recommendations


Higher chance of early detection of symptoms


Preventive health care plan


Self-reporting of symptoms


Peace of mind

Doctor and patient


What users and doctors think about our solution

"I've always wanted to be able to report exact times when I feel weak and about to faint. Thanks to Closar AI, I can now do that and my doctor can see it on his own computer in just a few seconds during my visits."



58 years old

"My father died of a heart attack and as I'm approaching his age, I'm starting to worry about my health. Thanks to the Closar AI app, I was able to create a plan with my doctor and also watch my heart's activity and trends. It is fantastic!"



55 years old

"Thanks to the technology, I get access to more information about the patient and can see events and trends in the patient's health that were previously impossible to be aware of".




"I decided to download the app so that I could share my sleep, heart and breathing data as I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. Me and my doctor can actually see and talk about what is happening while I sleep."



49 years old

"My daughter bought me a watch and installed the app to track my activity, heart and blood oxygen levels. My doctor saw a change in blood oxygen level between my visits and was able to give me the right treatment in time. It wouldn't be possible without Closar AI."

Ann Marie


69 years old

"To connect the patient's worry and concerns to biomarkers and self-reported symptoms gives me a more detailed picture and supports me as a doctor."




Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions

What is Closar AI?
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Closar AI is a HealthTech company that develops software enabling usage of wearable data and present it to doctors, so they can discover hidden symptoms and trends, monitor progress between visits, gain a better understanding of your health and build a preventive healthcare plan.

How does Closar AI work?
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Through our mobile application, patients can easily share data from their wearables during a doctor's visit by scanning a QR code. The doctors get access to a standardized report on their computer within a few seconds (without having to log in) and can see the patient's wearable data, see evidence-based symptoms, self-reported symptoms and gain a better understanding of the patient's care and health.

Who can use Closar AI?
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Closar AI is for anyone who wants to be able to share data from their wearables with their doctor and thus discover hidden symptoms and trends in their health, be able to self-report symptoms and link these to specific times together with other biomarkers, be able to build a preventive health care plan with your doctor and have peace of mind.

Which wearables does Closar AI support?
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We support the majority of the most common wearables from popular manufacturers such as Apple, Google, Fitbit, Samsung, Withings, Garmin, Oura and more. We also support several other smart devices, such as smart scales and connected dosing boxes, as well as several medical devices, such as continuous glucose monitoring.

We're integrating more brands and devices every week.

Is it safe to use Closar AI?
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Yes. Research shows that the use of wearables enables the discovery of health trends, hidden symptoms and creates a better understanding of the patient's everyday life and routines. Our platform is developed with the highest measures regarding user data and data privacy. We store only the minimum necessary data and do so on secure certified servers in Europe.

Closar AI does not offer medical recommendations but allows to get medical recommendations from your doctor by utilising your wearables data. Always consult a doctor before making any decisions regarding your health.

What does it cost?
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Our mobile application is free for patients who want to use the standard functionality, such as being able to share their wearables' data with their doctor. The mobile application also contains premium functionality that is unlocked through a subscription.

The web application is free to use for standard functionality, such as accessing the patient's shared data. Clinics and hospitals that want to use the premium functionality can license our service. Contact us for more info.

Where is the company located?
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Closar AI is a Swedish company founded in Stockholm in 2024.

​​Our mobile and web application is currently available in Sweden with the ambition to take it to more countries.

Create your future health - with today's choices.

Thank yourself in the future.

Take responsibility for your health today.

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